Classic Albums: Who’s Next Quotes

John: All we could see were fellas, right? We, we always told ourselves that all the females were at the back, where we couldn’t see ’em.

[about Lifehouse]
John: I didn’t quite actually get it, I mean, perhaps it didn’t work because we brought in a bunch of people from the street that had to go home for their tea.

Pete: And of course, Who fans would know this, because this was the whole centrepiece of the Who show, with the lasers and… and Roger looking like some kind of furry animal.

Roger: I didn’t mind the synthesizers and drums in the back, but I didn’t like it taking over as lead instrument when we had this, what I considered to be one of the best guitarists in the world in the band. Used to frustrate me a bit.

[listening to “My Wife”]
John: …double tracked on that last verse?
Glyn Johns: Yeah… and then Keith’s drum bit… now.
[John laughs]
John: Sounds like he was double tracking there.

Pete: A lot of what Keith did was incredibly funny, you know, there wasn’t a drum fill he did that didn’t go “dum bum dum bum, duh-luh-luh-luh dum bum”. I mean, it was all, that was all of them, but just different variations of that played very very fast. You know, it was sometimes “dum bum dum bum, duh-luh-luh-luh dum bum” and then he’d fall on the floor!