Live at the Isle of Wight Quotes

Murray Lerner Interviews Pete Townshend

Pete: I really didn’t like working with that band at all.
Murray Lerner: Was the Isle of Wight fun?
Pete: No. What we produced was not something that I wanted any part of particularly. The Who didn’t make the kind of music that I wanted to make, they weren’t the kind of band that I wanted to be in.

Pete: Keith Moon had a wonderful—we were on our way to an airport one day and we were late for the plane and he said, “Oh my god, oh my god! I’ve gotta go back to my hotel room!” and we thought he’d left drugs in his room or something. We turned around, we knew we were gonna miss the plane, we might be late for the gig… we rushed back to the hotel and he rushes in, comes back with a TV set, throws it into the swimming pool, gets back in the car and goes, “Phew, nearly forgot”. Throwing television sets out of hotel rooms is very, very, very important.

Pete: The actual recordings would interrupt the reminiscences, you know, what wild lads we had been the year before.