Roger Daltrey Quotes

The Legacy

Clive: Hey now, things are looking up at Jason’s.

Clive: Well, hooray for Hollywood! Hi Maggie, I’m Clive.
Maggie: Hi, I was just trying to get up my nerve to go meet everybody.
Clive: Well, come on then, I’ll hold your hand.

Clive: Dah-dah! And now folks, for my next guest…

Clive: You see? They’re okay, really. Almost human.

Maggie: Are you… all in the hotel business?
Clive: God no! I mean, can you really imagine Karl in the hotel business?

Clive: She came here a poor little east German refugee.

Barbara: So you see? We have all achieved our greatest ambition.
Karl: All except Clive. He wanted to be an English gentleman!
Karl and Barbara: Ha ha ha ha ha!
Maggie: Where did you end up?
Clive: I’m in the music business.
Jacques: In Europe, he is the music business.

Clive: Maggie, could you uh, give me some ham, please.
Butler: Any chicken, sire?
Clive: No thank you.

Clive: Don’t look like that. It’s just another way of life. I mean, we don’t ride around on broomsticks or anything… we’ve got the helicopters, umm, Rolls Royces, qu-quite nice, really. Excuse me.

Clive: Oh, Jacques’s so pompous. Get it and enjoy it. Here’s where it’s at. The old boy’s gonna die, and we’re here to bury him. Dah-dah!


Franz Liszt: Aw, shit!

Franz Liszt: Bollocks!

Franz Liszt: Hey, that’s not in the script!

Franz Liszt: You’re lucky it’s just a flesh wound.

The Pope: Raped at gunpoint? Well, it happens to the best of us.

Franz Liszt: I think he’s takin’ a piss.