Live in Boston Quotes

Pete: You wouldn’t know hot if it came and stuffed itself up your fucking ass. With custard, you wouldn’t know it.

Pete: Yeah, we’re all fucking sex symbols up here. I don’t know what band you think you’re following, but somehows I think you’ve got the wrong one. But you’re always there.

Pete: I only swear at people I love… so fuck off, all of you!

Pete: Oh, for fuck’s sake, be quiet, I’m trying to concetrate, you know? He’s got his ear plugs in there, he can’t even fucking hear my reply.

Pete: People try to preserve their hearing… it’s… too… late!

Pete: Before, before—why do you have to speak? Why can’t you just keep your fucking mouth shut?

Pete: If you say “get on with it”, I’ll fucking walk off, you know…
Roger: Why don’t you get on with it and fucking shut up, for one minute!
Pete: All I want is a flamethrower. CHHHHHH!

Roger: My initial reaction to John dying was “Oh fuck…” ah heh heh, “I’m left with the miserable one”, heh, heh heh.

Pete: Some of them even had to suspend judgement beyond our first show at Hollywood Bowl, ’cause they went and cried all the way through it! You know, they would look at Pino and kind of go “OHHHHHH JOHN” summat like that, and so, but a few shows down the line, we got their support.

Pete: Our fanbase has always been predominantly male, but the twenty percent women that are fans are all completely and utterly mad.

Pete: “No, you’re right, Rog, you’re right, you, when you’re right, you’re right, and you’ve always been right, and I’ve always been wrong, you know, you’re, you’re right, I’ve always been wrong. Everything that I’ve ever said is always been wrong, and you’ve always been right.”

Pete: “You know, Pete’s a fucking genius, and I’m just gonna let him get away with whatever he wants to do. If he says ‘dress up as, as fairies and dance about and pretend you’re in a virtual reality’, then that’s okay with me.”