January 10, 2015

  • Updated site layout.

March 17, 2013

  • New site layout.

August 22, 2011

May 1, 2010

  • New layout and general site maintenance.

December 18, 2008

  • New layout.
  • Added Keith’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “Pow!” shirts to Fashion.

June 1, 2007

March 11, 2007

January 28, 2007

December 29, 2006

  • Added The Legacy Pictures (with Roger Daltrey).
  • Added The Kids Are Alright Pictures for “Baba O’Riley”, “Young Man Blues”, “My Generation” Conclusion, Melvin Bragg #3, Russell Harty #4, “Sparks”, and “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.
  • Added Pete Townshend’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Baba O’Riley” Outfit to Fashion.

November 17, 2006

  • Added The Kids Are Alright Pictures for “I Can’t Explain", “Tommy Can You Hear Me?”, “See Me, Feel Me”, Russell Harty #3, Ringo & Keith: On Pete, Russell Harty #5, and Russell Harty #6.

October 13, 2006

  • Added The Kids Are Alright Pictures for Russell Harty #2, Drum Kit Mayhem, Melvin Bragg #2, “Substitute/Pictures of Lily/Magic Bus”, Ringo & Keith: Joining The Who, Pete on Doing His Job, and “Long Live Rock”.

September 8, 2006

  • New site layout.
  • Added The Kids Are Alright Pictures for Russell Harty #1, Melvin Bragg #1, Ummm… Jah, Pete: On The Beatles, A Circus Act?, “Roadrunner/My Generation Blues”, and “My Generation”.
  • Added a new Who shirt to Fashion.

August 7, 2006

  • Added The Kids Are Alright Pictures for The Keith Ringo Knows, Ringo and Keith on Roger, “Pinball Wizard”, “Happy Jack”, “Cobwebs and Strange”, Pete on The Power of Volume, and Final Words.
  • Added Keith’s Great Balls of Fire shirt to Fashion.
  • Added Keith’s The Greatest Rock ’N’ Roll Band In The World shirt to Fashion.
  • Updated The Who shirt on Fashion.

July 12, 2006

  • Added The Who’s Arrow Shirts to Fashion.
  • Added The Kids Are Alright Pictures for “Shout and Shimmy”, “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere”, “Success Story”, and “Who Are You”.
  • Updated Lead Vocals.

April 16, 2006

March 14, 2006

February 1, 2006

December 27, 2005

  • Updated Lead Vocals and added Submit Lead Vocals.
  • Added Fashion (Tommy Shirt, Keith Shirt, Skeleton Outfit).

November 1, 2005

  • Added two new Pictures: one Roger and one Who.

October 29, 2005

August 31, 2005

  • New site layout… again.
  • Added Lead Vocals page.

August 25, 2005

  • Added an Album Review for A Quick One.

August 14, 2005

  • I decided to change the site from Fiddle About to Whiskey Man. It’s still completely the same, except for the name and layout.
  • Added four Pictures, two of The Who and one each of Pete and Keith.
  • Added a new page: Album Reviews. I’ve reviewed one album so far, Who’s Next.

July 28, 2005